Discworld MUD Wiki

The concept of armour on the Discworld MUD is very simple- it's something you wear that helps to stop you from getting hurt.

Armour on the Disc works in a fashion very similar to armour in real life. Here are some basic concepts:

  • The Disc uses a part-by-part armour system; you'll not find, say, a suit of plate mail that is all one item (you'll need to collect the pieces and assemble the suit).
  • A piece of armour can only protect the areas of the body that it covers. This means that a helm cannot protect, say, your toes.
  • Different armours are usually more vulnerable to certain types of damage than others.
  • Armour, like most equipment on Discworld, requires periodic maintenance.

Most importantly, however:

  • Armour does not completely negate damage; it simply absorbs it so you don't have to.
  • Stronger armour tends to be heavy armour. You will need to balance protection and weight.