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While witches can and do cast spells, most of their time is spent helping people with skin rather than magic. A large part of the more physical, "take one spoonful at night and another if you wake up in the morning" aspects of witchcraft take the form of concoctions, decoctions, infusions, tinctures, salves and teas that are administered to their patients. Anyone can make tea but only a trained witch knows the best way to brew it in order to bring out its full potential.

Not all teas need to be brewed, but brewing often makes a tea more effective, and some teas must be brewed to work at all.

Needed to perform[]

The following items are needed to brew:

  • Unbrewed tea in a container, such as a bottle
  • A heat source
  • 15 GP per container

See the tea guide for what to put in the bottle and so on.


Guild Primaries;

  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Brewing


I can't remember which. Either you just suddenly know it, or it may be learned from Nanny Ogg or Mama Diksha.


11 levels of Magic.Methods.Physical.Brewing


Brew <object> {over|on} <heat source>.
<Wait for tea to be brewed (a few seconds at most)>.
Get <objects>.

As soon as you see the message that your tea is brewed, get your bottles back. If you leave it on the heat for too long, your tea'll burn. So brew, then remove it pdq!


  • You can brew up to 5 containers at a time, but the more you do, the harder it is.
  • Brewing, when it goes wrong, can be quite dangerous. If you're lucky it just burns the tea, otherwise you could burn yourself on the hot bottle, or might explode.
  • The higher your Magic.Methods.Physical.Brewing bonus, the more effective your tea will be. Tea strengths are compared on these lines - eg a healing tea brewed with bonus 300 is better at healing than one brewed with bonus (bwb) 250. (And sells for more as a result.)

Command Type: Guild