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A Witch can draw a magic circle, which can easily raise the background magic levels. This makes things better in several ways, increasing TMs, increases chances of successfully casting a spell, making a spell more effective.

Wet hennes will need all sorts of occult paraphernalia to successfully circle, but as you get more experienced, you'll need less in the way of items.

Needed to perform[]

The following items are needed to brew:

  • 100 GP
  • A space big enough (generally, but not always, outside).
  • Some paraphernalia, depending on your Magic.Spells.Special bonus. Granny is said to be able to circle just by drawing a toe in the dirt...

It seems that different items of paraphernalia, and your own bonus, contribute to bonus that you need (let's assume 300, since that's what's needed to circle with nothing.) Research needed as to what these contribute. Comments on the talk page, please!

  • Witch's Hat - bonus 20?
  • White handled Ceremonial Bronze Knife - 10?
  • Black handled Ceremonial Bronze Knife - 10?
  • White candle - 10>
  • Dark red candle - 20?
  • Mummified bat - bonus 20?
  • Silver grail - 10?
  • Occult jewellery
    • Occult Gold Ring
    • Occult Snake Earring
    • Occult Gold Medallion
    • Occult Cat Earring
    • Occult Silver Ring
    • Occult Bronze Ring
    • Occult Silver Medallion
    • Occult Bronze Medallion
    • Occult Raven Necklace
    • Occult Bat Brooch
    • Occult Bangle
    • Occult Skull Brooch


Guild Primaries;

  • Magic.Spells.Special



You just suddenly know it


Guild level 20



Dispel circle


  • It's all about background magic levels. Normally, these go up according to the size of the spell cast, rather slowly. In a magic circle, the background magic levels leap up to the caster's Magic.Spells.Special bonus, even when it's just a small spell that's cast.
  • A circle with high background magic will repel invaders by doing them some damage when they try to cross the borders.

Command Type: Guild