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General Description[]

Commands are the fundamental tool that players use to interact with the game, and range from the simple "look" to intricate, highly sophisticated aliases that execute several actions at once. Anything that you can type in to your mud client, that is recognised by the mud, is a command of one sort or another.

A full list of commands that have their own articles can be found here.

There are several different types of commands:

  • Game commands are the fundamental commands used to interact with the game, as if telling your character what to do. Every player has access to all these commands right from the moment they log in.
  • Learned commands are a further set of commands that have to be earned. They allow more intricate communication with the mud and other players, such as remote.
  • Skill checked commands are ones which need to be learned, and their effectiveness depends on your bonus in a particular skill/skills. Examples include judge (I think).
  • Guild commands must be learned, and can only be learned by members of a particular guild. Often there is a prerequisite skill level you must reach before you can learn the command.

Game Commands[]

Most people discover the game commands by trying them out. If you want your character to look at a box in the room, try typing 'look at box', or 'look box'. The mud generally doesn't need the small words like 'the' or 'at'. Often, 'help here' will help in figuring out the syntax for commands in specific places, like shops.

See also the Newbie Guide, Introduction to Commands

Learned Commands[]

Detail needed.

Skill Checked Commands[]

Many skill checked commands are Weapon commands, also known as Specials.

Summary of skill checked commands
CommandSkills NeededPrerequisitesWeapon Needed
FlickFine sabre

Guild Commands[]

Witch Commands
CommandSkills NeededPrerequisites
CircleSpecialGuild level; 20
Guild level; 30
Warrior Commands