Discworld MUD Wiki

The following areas of the Disc are unusually dangerous; new players should take note, and avoid them.

  • Ankh-Morpork:
    • Assassins guild: Non-members will find that wandering in the southern back rooms can provide a fatal blow to the heart.
    • Docks: swimming can get you killed, if your load is too heavy. In this case, dropping equipment will help to surface, sparing a life.
    • Quarry lane: Killing a troll there is not a good idea as the residents might be around the corner waiting.
    • The Shades: It is always dark, usual directions become irrespective numbers and creatures are very tough.
  • Gloomy Forest: Adventurous sorts will find that straying off the path can result in a close encounter with the giant spiders.
  • Djelibeybi: Cats and priests are both sacred in this city. Attacking them is a ticket to the ancient and highly cultural pits full of crocodiles.
  • Pekan Ford: It is wise to just run past the numerous wolves.
  • Ramtops: A step off the path can often result in a lethal fall.