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Witches have the unique ability to blend into their surroundings so effectively that they are overlooked by most people. In order to do this successfully, a witch must adopt a position that others will be likely to overlook and then be able to stand perfectly still lest she be noticed. While very perceptive people will still be able to see her, others will have to look very hard to realize that she is still in plain sight.

The witch may return to the usual field of vision simply by fading out of the foreground but it's customary to do this instead by speaking loudly and unexpectedly or, at the very least, sniffing disapprovingly.

Needed to perform[]

  • 25 GP to start with
  • an additional 10 GP now and again


Guild Primaries;

Other skills;

  • Magic.Methods.Elemental.Earth - determines how long you can stay faded for
  • Covert.Hiding.Person - determines how easily you are detected
  • Guild level - determines your fade level, see notes below


You suddenly realise you know more about it.


Guild level 30? Research on the talk page please


In its simplest form:

fade into foreground

You may have better invisibility if you describe yourself as part of the room:

fade into foreground by <description>
eg fade into foreground by lurking under the stairs

To unfade, either make some movement or:

fade out of foreground


  • Your guild level dictates your fade level
GL 0-50 You are sticking out like a sore thumb
GL 51-100 You are obvious as a very obvious thing
GL 101-150 You are clear as day
GL 151-200 You are dim
GL 201-250 You are vague
GL 251-300 You are obscure
GL 301-350 You aren't here
GL 351-400 You are out the other side
GL 400+
  • You can use 'score' to check your fade level

Command Type: Guild