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Fencing blade
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Judges As: Excellent (10/10)
Weight: 2 1/2 lb.
Commands: Slash Stab Iai
Hands: 1
Type: Sword

Long Description[]

This is a long, thin blade made of <material>, designed for the more elegant style of combat in fencing. The blade is <design> and finely balanced along its length. The sword has a <material> grip, and the hilt has a <style> guard constructed of <material and descriptive sentence>. The pommel of the sword is a <design> of <material>. The chappe of the blade is made of <material> with a motif of <design> etched upon it.

Appraises As[]

The <material> fencing blade is about four feet long and an inch wide. It is made of <material> and could be used as a weapon of type sword.


May be ordered from Tol Edo at his shop on Florin Avenue, Genua.


Fencing blades seem to be unusually good as a parrying weapon. The materials used in the construction of the blade may affect its effectiveness.

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