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Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty
Vital statistics
Guild Witches
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 80
Crystal N/A

Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty[]

Spell Description[]

Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty develops a bond between an item and a particular person. You can bond an item to yourself or to someone else; the item in question must be a magical talisman, either natural or by deluding. Only the owner of a bonded item can use it or hold it or float it, although bonded clothing can be worn by non-owners. You can unbond an item, but to do this for someone else, both they and you must be PK.

Costs and Components[]


Guild Primaries
  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Charming
  • Magic.Items.Talisman
Other skills
  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Binding
  • Magic.Methods.Spiritual.Summoning

Times and Durations[]

Once bonded, always bonded. Until unbonded, that is.


May be learned from Granny Weatherwax
80 levels of 120 levels of Magic.Spells.Miscellaneous
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For yourself: Cast Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty with <item> For someone else: Cast Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty with <item> for <person>


  • If you bond a whistle, you can call your fruitbat back to your side, if it's gone missing. It has to be in earshot, though.
  • If you bond your broomstick, you can add more locations with lots of levels of Magic.Items.Talisman