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    Guild points - a measure of your capability


    Guild points are a measure of your capability.  As you perform guild      
    commands such as stealing, sneaking or slashing you use guild points.
    When you have used all your guild points you will need to rest before
    you can perform anymore such commands.
    The number of your guild points is determined by your "point" skills;
    guild points are divided into different skill categories.  The 'gp'
    command will tell you how many guild points you have and how many you
    can use on different types of commands.
    Guild points regenerate automatically with time. You can also regain
    a small amount by using the bury command. 

See also

    gp, skills, bury      

General Description[]

Guild Points, commonly called GP, are the Discworld's equivalent of energy or mana. They are a reserve that allow the player to execute certain actions- typically those commands which are not souls.

A player's GP pool is divided into amongst the different skill trees; any player will have Fighting, Covert, Magic, Faith, Crafts and Other Guild Points to spend, as seen in this example, taken from the log of a Warrior:

> gp

You have 373 (373) guild points.

  • You can use 102 (102) for covert commands.
  • You can use 176 (176) for crafts commands.
  • You can use 169 (169) for faith commands.
  • All of your guild points can be used for fighting commands.
  • You can use 50 (50) for magic commands.
  • You can use 239 (239) for other commands.

Note that the Warrior may use all of his GP for fighting commands. Thieves or Assassins can similarly use all their GP for Covert commands, just as Wizards or Witches can use all of their reserves for Magic and a Priests may use all of theirs for Faith.

No guild may use all of their guild points for Crafts or Other commands at the time of this writing.

Each pool may be enlarged by advancing the relevant ".points" skill. Note that advancing your Guild's primary pool is the only way to enlarge your GP pool overall; advancing the ".points" skills of the other trees will simply increase the percentage of your total GP that you may use for that type of command.