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In-Game Helpfile[]

Hublandish Barbarians

Nomadic and somewhat primitive, Barbarians have a well-deserved reputation for sacking, pillaging, and tracking mud inside other people's homes.

These hardy men and women can be found camping in caves near the hub for the spring and summer, but migrate to the Hubland Steppes in the colder months.

General Description[]


  • Crafts.Materials.Leatherwork
  • Crafts.Medicine.Firstaid
  • Fighting.Defence.Blocking
  • Fighting.Defence.Dodging
  • Fighting.Defence.Parrying
  • Fighting.Melee.Axe
  • Fighting.Melee.Heavy-sword
  • Fighting.Melee.Mace
  • Fighting.Melee.Flail
  • Fighting.Points
  • Fighting.Range.Thrown
  • Fighting.Special.Weapon
  • Fighting.Unarmed.Grappling
  • Fighting.Unarmed.Striking
  • Other.Movement.Riding.Horse


The guildhouse Hublandish Barbarians moves depending on the seasons; a player wishing to join this Guild will need to visit the location appropriate to the time.