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Lancre Hunters

The Lancre Hunters attract a wide variety of members, ranging from common outlaws to animal lovers, to hunters, to those who just look good in tights. As such they tend to be a rather unpredictable lot, aside from their unifying distaste for city life and human society.

Located in the dense midst of Lancre Forest, the Hunters' outpost is close enough to society to victimise travelers from the city while avoiding their lifestyle with the appropriate disdain.

General Description[]


  • Crafts.Hunting.Tracking
  • Crafts.Hunting.Trapping
  • Crafts.Materials.Leatherwork
  • Crafts.Medicine.Firstaid
  • Fighting.Defence.Dodging
  • Fighting.Defence.Parrying
  • Fighting.Melee.Axe
  • Fighting.Melee.Dagger
  • Fighting.Melee.Mace
  • Fighting.Melee.Sword
  • Fighting.Points
  • Fighting.Range.Bow
  • Fighting.Special.Tactics
  • Fighting.Special.Weapon
  • Other.Movement.Climbing.Tree