Discworld MUD Wiki

The following settings are likely to be helpful to a new character. Command text is in bold; explanations are in normal text.

monitor on
This setting will enable your Monitor in combat. The Monitor is a helpful little string of text that contains such vital information as your Hit Points, Guild Points, total Experience and Burden. It reappears every heartbeat during combat.

The same information can be viewed by typing score brief.

options output map look=left and options output map lookcity=left
These settings, when used together, will allow you to view the in-game map. This tool is invaluable for speedy navigation, and when combined with a player Atlas, makes it very easy to find your way through the Discworld.

term ansi
This command allows your terminal to display certain text in colour. This is great, as it allows the player to quickly differentiate between different types of information. For example, a room description may be in white, while the weather information will appear in yellow and the exits in green.

wimpy 30
This will set your wimpy to 30%, the maximum allowed by the game. The effect is simple- when your hit points drop below 30% of maximum, you will attempt to flee the room via the same direction you entered.