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Katana (custom weapon)
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Judges As: Excellent (10/10)
Weight: 3 3/9 lb (normal) or 4 6/9 lb. (heavy)
Commands: Slice Stab Behead Iai
Hands: 2
Type: Sword

Long Description[]

The length of a grown man's arm and lethally sharp, with the slightest of curves to the gleaming edge, this katana bears a pattern of <pattern> worked into the folded steel. The long hilt, shaped and balanced for use in one hand or two, has been wrapped in <wrap>. The maker's mark, a single reed gracefully curved by an unfelt wind, is engraved on the simple steel disc of the tsuba behind the blade.

All custom-made weapons from Wan Bending Reed have the message, "It is by the command of <player> that I was made."

Appraises As[]

The <descriptive name> katana is about three and a half feet long and three inches wide. It is made of steel and could be used as a weapon of type sword.


May be ordered from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai dojo, in northeastern Bes Pelargic.

The player must have at least a 300 bonus in the appropriate weapon skill, as well as a 200 bonus in other.culture.agatean, before Wan Bending Reed will consider him or her worthy to wield one of his weapons.


Different grip colour/blade pattern combinations result in different descriptive names for the katana. Known examples include:

  • Bending reed (default)
  • Endless summer (firework blade, amber grip, normal weight)
  • Ice kiss (snowflake blade, white grip)
  • Jade river (river blade, jade green grip)
  • Shadow rain (raindrop blade, black grip)
  • Striking thunder (wind blade, grey grip)

Weapons from Wan Bending Reed will perform better in the hands of the player they were made for.

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