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Lancre Highland Regiment

The Lancre Highland Regiment was once a proud army created to defend the Kingdom of Lancre from Elvish incursions into the kingdom from one of the fabled two-dimensional gateways into their world. The reduction of these incursions has led to a reduction in size of the army to the point where only the highly skilled and brave elite remain to guard the Kingdom and its monarch.

The barracks of the Highland Regiment are located in the beautiful town of Lancre, in the beautiful kingdom of Lancre. (And don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially any forn buggers.)

General Description[]


  • Crafts.Medicine.Firstaid
  • Crafts.Smithing.Black.Weapons
  • Fighting.Defence.Blocking
  • Fighting.Defence.Parrying
  • Fighting.Melee.Axe
  • Fighting.Melee.Mace
  • Fighting.Melee.Polearm
  • Fighting.Melee.Sword
  • Fighting.Points
  • Fighting.Range.Bow
  • Fighting.Special.Tactics
  • Fighting.Special.Weapon
  • Fighting.Unarmed.Striking
  • Other.Movement.Riding.Horse
  • Crafts.Hunting.Tracking