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  • Assassins - A guild for people prone to solving problems in a permanent manner.Their motto: NIL MORTIFI SINE LUCRE ('No death without payment')
  • Priests - Each god has its own temple with the more popular gods having temples and shrines in many towns and villages.
  • Thieves - Their motto is: ACVTVS ID VERBERAT ('Whip it quick'). In this guild you will learn to remove people of the burden of their belongings.
  • Warriors - A guild for the brave and heroic. You'll journey to interesting places, meet interesting people, and give them a sound thrashing.
  • Witches - To be a witch you must learn three things: 1) To know what's real. 2) To know what's not. 3) To know the difference.
  • Wizards - If the situation demands violence, we don't endanger ourselves by taking part in the fray, we blow the bastards up from a distance.
  • Newbie Guides - Walkthrus and start-up guides. A good place to begin!
  • Combat - All about encounters with baddies. Or goodies. Or rats. Or players.
  • Characteristics - Effects related to your character. Experience, health, gp, burden, wetness etc.
  • Environment - Effects related to the environment. Light, water, trees etc.
  • Effects - Effects related to objects. Wards, enchantment, weight etc.
  • Progression - Advancing, skills, achievements. How to win.
  • Making money - Earning money is essential to your progress.
  • Death - What happens after you meet "MY MY, HAVEN'T WE BEEN CARELESS?"
  • Quests - The wiki doesn't do quest information
Items - things you can put into your inventory
  • Clothing - What to wear. More important than you might think!
  • Weapons - What to kill things with.
  • Armour - What to defend yourself with
  • Consumables - Things that get used up. Food, spell components etc
  • Equipment - Non-consumables. Containers, needles, spell components etc
  • Other Items - Anything else that gets an article.
  • Trainers - NPCs who can teach you stuff.
  • Servicers - NPCs who offer a service, such as embroidery.
  • UniqueNPCs - Like the Lag, and LaggySan.
  • Bestiary - But the hedgehog can never be...
  • Clans - Important groups of NPCs, like priests in KLK
  • Players - What are liaisons, playertesters, creators etc?
  • Spells - Wizards and Witches speciality, also castable by scroll.
  • Rituals - Priests don't do Magic. They do Godbothering rituals instead.
  • Commands - The physical types use these, but also includes non-combat commands.
  • Movement - All about movement on the disc. Flying, walking, swimming, climbing etc
  • Communication - Interaction with others. Emotes, talker, tells, shouting.
  • Control - How to play nicely. Aliases, settings, colour, terminals etc.
  • Ankh-Morpork - Proud and pestilent.
  • Agatea - The Counterweight Continent.
  • Klatch - Mysteries of the Klatch.
  • Ramtops - Gorgeous. Don't fall down them.
  • Sto Plains - Flat.
  • Überwald - Dark and gloomy.
  • Terrain - Different types of terrain, including the terrains.

What's new on Discworld MUD Wiki

Mar 15
- Worked on skills - check out Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver (and its discussion page) to see an example of the result of all those millions of edits. Feedback welcome.
Mar 11
- Added articles to the Newbie Guides section.
Feb 28
- Worked on spells, creating template, infobox and starting to fill in a few spells. Elwynd 21:15, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

- Added a list of some of the more Dangerous zones of the Discworld.
- Added Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday and the Isle of Tonahamen.
- Started adding some of the top-rated Swords. Note that there are a Lotte of swords in the game, so it may be some time before the category is finished.

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