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Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation
Vital statistics
Guild Witches
Type Defensive
GP cost 70
Crystal Amber

Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation[]

Spell Description[]

Casting this summons a horde of small insects to your side - and your front, and back... to surround you. They act as a shield of bugs and absorb damage dealt by your enemies. You don't always attract the same insects when you cast the spell, and they have different effects.

Costs and Components[]


Guild Primaries
  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Charming
  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Cursing
  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Chanting
Other skills
  • Magic.Methods.Physical.Binding
  • Magic.Methods.Spiritual.Summoning

Times and Durations[]

As your bugs take damage, they die and the swarm gets smaller until eventually it's all gone. If you're lucky enough to summon a second bunch of the same type of insect, they'll stack, otherwise a second go has no effect.


May be learned from Granny Weatherwax
75 levels of Magic.Spells.Defensive
Focus tea research to be added to the talk page of this article


Cast Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation


  • Different insects have different effects, including some that attack your attacker right back.
  • The bugs don't like water
  • When you fly, you'll lose some of your swarm
  • It stacks with other shields (but not TPA)