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Nanny Ogg is an NPC.

Short: Nanny Ogg

Location: The rimward wall of Granny Weatherwax's cottage in Bad Ass (does not wander)


default position: standing

race: human

guild: witch

level: between 1000 and 1009 inclusive

long: Nanny Ogg is a dumpy and bandy-legged old woman with a face like an apple that's been left too long and an expression of near-terminal good nature.
She dresses very like a raven, with the pointy black hat usually marking the witch's trade on top of an extremely thick thatch of white curls.

Wearing : a pair of hobnailed boots, an old black cloak and a pointy black hat.

Nanny Ogg will list the spells that witches can learn from Granny Weatherwax, teach witches commands and verses of the hedgehog song, and give out sweeties to those who ask.