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A "Tank" is a character archetype common to RPG's. It refers to a character (usually a Warrior or equivalent) that has high hit points, wears heavy armour, and often uses a shield. The purpose of a Tank is twofold: to prevent foes from reaching the more fragile members of an adventuring party, and to soak up as much damage as he possibly can, again to protect his party members.

While Tanks are not as common on the Discworld MUD as in most other RPG's, any character can serve as a Tank by:

  • Initiating combat while grouped, which tends to make opponents focus on the tank
  • Defending other party members
  • Protecting other party members
  • Having a high other.health bonus (and therefore high Hit Points)
  • Having a high bonus in their defensive skills (Usually fighting.defense.parry, fighting.defense.blocking,magic.spells.defensive or faith.rituals.defensive

Other characters may need to support their tank with magical shielding, healing, and so forth.