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Witches are notorious for moonlighting as humble sellers of apples. Many are so skilled at this that, like C.M.O.T. Dibbler, they are able to press apples upon people even against their better judgement. While apples, poisoned for preference, are a witch's fruit of choice, she may tempt people with any sort of fruit, ideally carried in a pretty basket. Not all fruits are created equal, therefore some are more tempting than others. True artisans of the craft often develop a rapport with the basket they use in this endeavour and find that being identified as "that harmless old woman with the <basket of her choice>" lulls people into a false sense of security. Those witches who do not wish to appear as harmless old women may pose as something else. It should be noted: victims of poisoning do not actually die from the effects. Instead they are reduced to a near coma like state in which they are very vulnerable.

Needed to perform[]

  • Fruit, preferably poisoned, such as:
    • Poisoned apples
    • Blackberries
  • A basket or other pretty container (optional)
  • 20 GP plus 20 GP for each extra person being tempted


Other skills;

  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Charming (For getting the person to take the offering)
  • Magic.Methods.Mental.Cursing (For getting the person to carry on eating it)


I can't remember which. Either you just suddenly know it, or it may be learned from Nanny Ogg or Mama Diksha.


25 levels of Magic.Items.Held.


A variety of syntaxes work. 'Syntax tempt' shows:

tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket> by posing as <string> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> by posing as <string> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket> by posing as <string>
tempt <living> with <object> by posing as <string>
tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> [while] speaking <language>
tempt <living> with <object> {in|from} <basket>
tempt <living> with <object>
tempt [to] <string> <any-living>
tempt <any-living> [to] <string>
tempt <any-living>


  • Tempt soldier with apple
  • Tempt soldier with apple from basket
  • Tempt soldier with apple from basket by posing as little ol' me, hardly anything to worry about, Lawks, isn't that so?
  • Tempt soldier with apple from basket by posing as a witchy witch witch speaking agatean


  • The poisoning takes a bit of time to take effect
  • A failed tempt can make the victim realise he's a victim, and attack you. How rude.
  • You can get poisoned apples from the gingerbread cottage in Skund
  • Pickled fruit, rather than dried fruit, is more effective at poisoning. See Preserving.
  • Banishing of Unnatural Urges protects against tempting.
  • You can TM these skills by tempting your fruitbat to eat when it's hungry.

Command Type: Guild