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In-Game Helpfile[]

Warriors' Guild

In this violent guild, the fine arts of killing, maiming and berserking are taught. Each region of the disc has its own special types of local warriors, or specialisations, that you can choose from.

In Ankh-Morpork, you can find the Palace Guard and Weapon Masters' Court. In the desert region of Djelibeybi you'll find the Djelian Guard and Klatchian Foreign Legion. Agatea can boast about its proud Samurai and noble Imperial Guard, the forests of Lancre bring us the Lancre Highland Regiment, Hunters and the Hublandish Barbarians, while the swamps of Genua are the home of Duchess Saturday's Musketeers.

No matter which specialisation you choose to join, you are sure to learn to fight with deadly accuracy, and inflict lots of pain. It will require a lot of courage, a strong stomach, and the ability to kill without batting an eyelid.

Wherever you join, you will be able to train in all the warrior guildhouses (although you will still be trained in the skills of your own specialisation).

General Description[]

The Warriors' Guild is the most combat-oriented of all the Guilds. Most Warriors will receive very little training outside of the art of battle, though many specialisations teach such skills as necessary for equipment maintenance and in-the-field first aid .

It is important to note that while the Warriors' Guild may be one of the most straightforward Guilds to play, it is by no means the usual assortment of damage-absorbing "tanks" common to other RPG's. Warriors can use heavy armour and massive weaponry, of course, but some specialties are equally suited towards the dagger-and-dodge style of combat normally associated with Rogues.

A Warrior will also receive some Guild-specific abilities, such as the Warcry, Berserking, and access to the most powerful Weapon commands in the game.


Like the Thieves, all Warriors receive their own guild-specific spoken language, Grunt. This "feature" is mostly cosmetic, however, because a Warrior "speaking" Grunt cannot be understood by other players, other Warriors, or even himself!