Discworld MUD Wiki

Next projects[]

I want to make a template, infobox, skill tree, plus some mechanism for identifying what skills are useful - ie so you can see what commands/spells/rits etc need a particular skill. I would LOVE to have had this when wondernig what to spend my achievement xp on!
Style guide
I'm big on consistency, so next task will be how to use the templates and infobox for spells, to make it as easy as possible to do, and to be consistent.
Might continue work on those in the background, but the basics are there now so other people could contribute easily and maintain the format with relative ease, if they want to.

About me[]

I'm a witch with a new penchant for wikis. Well, that's in Discworld. On Guildwars I'm a mesmer. In reality, my job was recently succinctly summed up as 'doing nerdy stuff with databases', and I'm generally known as a bit of an eccentric, with more enthusiasm than talent for anything. And yay, I have an internet connection again.